zifa house 25-08-10.jpgZimbabweans have hailed ZIFA for exposing the culprits who sold national pride in the Asiagate saga and have called for the justice delivery system to be expedited so that the country can move on.

Football fans say the ZIFA board did a commendable job in exposing the rot in local football.

The supporters say perpetrators should meet due justice and that no tears should be shed on traitors that knowingly sold the pride of the country by destroying the beautiful game.

While the nation is commending the move, analyst Mr. Tendai Chinhema concurred with the supporters, but expressed pessimism as to whether the saga will reach its logical conclusion saying there are certain aspects that will compromise judgement.

With reports of kidnapping and life threats being issued against some of those looking into the investigations, observers say the completion of investigations into the Asiagate scandal will set a precedence in nipping white collar crimes and the importance of safeguarding national pride.