tobacco floors sale.jpgZimbabwe’s Look East Policy has started bearing fruit, especially in the agricultural sector, with China and Hong Kong topping the list of countries which are buying the bulk of tobacco since the beginning of this selling season.

Since the opening of the tobacco marketing season in February this year, China has remained Zimbabwe’s biggest importer of the local crop accounting for more than 2,1 million kilogrammes.

Indonesia is second having imported 1,1 million kilogrammes of tobacco, while Hong-Kong China which has bought 415,800 kilogrammes of the Zimbabwean crop, is on number three.

Out of the 32 countries buying Zimbabwe’s tobacco, China is offering the highest price of $6,85 followed by Hong Kong which is importing at $6,70.

Indonesia which is buying the crop at $5, 44 per kilogramme is at number three.

The United States of America is the lowest having imported only 15 360 kilogrammes worth $4, 4 million at a paltry 29 cents.

China has been at the fore front in assisting the country in the growth of its agricultural sector through contracting various tobacco farmers.

In total, 14, 8 million kilogrammes of the leaf, valued at US$53,3 million has been exported at an average price of $3,62 to 32 countries.