Local artists in Masvingo have appealed to the new minister to pay more recognition to their sector and also prioritise it in the allocation of resources.

Charles Austin Theatre Arts Director, Ketani Banda said any given country has got talent but it is how that talent is nurtured that determines the outcome.

He said the government should consider providing arts hubs within the country’s provinces with yearly grants to enable them to fund their programs.

Banda also said there is need to find ways of curbing the problematic issues of piracy which negatively affects the industry, adding that some sections of the society continue to look down on the arts industry thereby discouraging potential artists from venturing into the industry.

The arts director said artists should also market themselves, pointing out that this is another way of reviving the industry.

The arts industry remains optimistic that the new government will bring new fortunes for their arts industry.

The world over, the arts industry has the potential to rake in foreign currency if it is well nurtured.