mandhlenkosi ncube.jpgAn artists’ resource centre is now fully operational in Harare.

Dubbed the Arts Factory, the centre is now giving artists access to rehearsal and training space, resource library for management and arts promotion.

The Arts Factory, which is being administered by Pamberi Trust, has also become home to upcoming artists who get an opportunity to record their music and film making.

Project coordinator of the Arts Factory, Madhlenkosi Ncube, said the centre also offers workshops in arts and media as well as tips on how to write media articles on culture. Recently, authors have been given the platform to launch their books.

art pic2.jpg
In as far as literary works are concerned, a number of public discussions on artistic and cultural issues have been held at the Arts Factory.

Cognisant of the economic potential of the arts and the need to create free, diverse means of cultural expression, the Arts factory is an enabling facility, by which all performing and visual artists and producers of culture, may develop, promote and showcase their works, as well as participating in building the nation through works that tell a story.