gaga meat.jpgAs Lady Gaga shocks the world again


Renowned artist, Lady Gaga has once again shocked the world this time by wearing a “meat dress” during her acceptance of the Video of the Year Award at MTV’s Video Music Awards.


Lately, Lady Gaga is reported to have been having a hard time keeping her act “over the top.”

However, the act has sent many mixed feelings as wearing a dress made out of cuts of dead cows is offensive enough to bring comment and already the internet is flooded with comments as more people are upset by butchery than being impressed by it.

Already a heated debate has begun on whether the dress was made of fake meat or not or whether she will testify that her act was meant to be a joke! 




chitungwiza harmony singers 14-09-10.jpgAs Chitungwiza harmony singers scoop prize


Chitungwiza Harmony Singers came third in the recently-held Old Mutual Choral Music Competitions held in South Africa.

Ten groups, including three from Zimbabwe, took part in the competitions. Chitungwiza Harmony Singers won a Trophy and price money of R6 000, while two South African groups; Lamino Voices and University of Limpopo were on first and second positions.

The other groups from Zimbabwe were DOSA and Methodist Church in Zimbabwe.





intwasa arts festival 14-09-10.jpgItwasa Festival kicks off tomorow

The annual Intwasa Festival which is set to kick start in Bulawayo on Wednesday next week will see a number of events being tabled for one of the country’s premier arts showcase.

A theatre programme has been set with workshops outreach programmes and schools outreach programmes being lined up.
Theatre plays which will be featured include “Only hope” and “The Man Who Committed Thought” and Tsitis Dangarembwa’s “She No Longer Weeps”.

A special school programme from Zambia, “The Dumb Must Talk” will also be featured, while Iyasa will wrap up proceedings with “Dancing With The Stars”.  



paloma 14-09-10.jpgPaloma out of Big Brother Africa

Zambian representative in the Big Brother Africa,Paloma was evicted and made a long prayer before settling into a siesta emphasising that she fell short of God’s glory.


Paloma also prayed about her situation of being exiled to the Barn telling God that she doesn’t know why she had been moved from the main House.


Meanwhile, Zimbabwe’s glory still rests on Munya who continues to survive in the house.