sulumani.jpgA newly formed music and film industry regulatory board the Zimbabwe Association for Recording Industries has been welcomed by arts bodies who say it will bring transparency in the way the industry operates.


The setting up of the Zimbabwe Association for Recording Industries is to regulate the operations of the music and film industry.


Members come from the recording and film industry with the aim of advocating for quality and availability of products, the area of piracy, and look into the welfare of artists.


President of the Association, Emion Sibindi said the main purpose is to help harmonise the relations amongst musicians, film makers and the industry.

Various organisations have welcomed the formation of ZARI saying it will help film makers and musicians to come up with policies and issues that can be presented to Government in an effort to address challenges that bedevil the industry.

Other committee members who make up the executive are drawn from Last Power Media, Oktex Private Limited, Artisan Studio, Grace Records, Six Finger Records and Mighty Movies.


Artists have struggled to earn a decent living through their chosen careers such as music and film due to a number of challenges facing the industry and as such hopes are that the launching of ZARI will help address some of the problems.