Bloody battles have erupted between two rival groups of informal miners at Etna Mine near Kadoma leaving scores seriously injured and others hospitalised.

Informal miners hacked each other with machetes, axes and spears at Etna Mine in Kadoma over an ownership dispute with some left for dead.

The two groups one identified by the name ‘Mashangwe’ and the other calling itself ‘Mamhondoro’ engaged into an armed conflict that left many with deep injuries.

The real cause of the battle is not clear, but some of the gold miners accused one of the group as bent on looting and seeking to displace the other group from operating at the site.

The ZBC News crew visited the site of the battles, 25 km east of Kadoma along the Kadoma-Mhondoro road and came across hordes of informal miners armed with all sorts of weapons ready to take revenge.

It is being said that the battles have been going on for sometime, albeit on a lesser scale but this time around, the tension reached boiling point.

Some of the victims of the battle are reportedly admitted at Kadoma Hospital while others are understood to be at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals.

Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba says police investigations have revealed the informal miners are fighting over shafts and that the fights are happening mostly during the night.

She said police have since sent reinforcement to monitor the situation and no arrests have been made so far.