The emergence of a new generation of artists capable of taking the country to greater heights is a source of hope that Zimbabwe will continue to dominate the world in the field of art.

The art of story-telling is one competence that manifests in different forms.

Dzivarasekwa 1 High’s Brendon Murira is an Advance Level student whose passion is in realist and abstract artworks.

Realist art attempts to capture real life moments in time, an image and the personality of individuals or objects who resemble factual life, whilst abstract art is art that does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead use shapes, colors, forms and gestural marks to achieve its effect.

With his artworks displays capturing many facets of African life, and telling stories older that his own age, Brendon has managed to inspire his peers.

The art teacher, Mr Thanks Nyamusa applauded the new curriculum giving students an opportunity to bring out their best in different platforms other than the classroom.

The new curriculum which made art compulsory to students creates a new generation of artists and art lovers.

This will help the students to be future artist entrepreneurs.