visual artt.jpgThe National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe has embarked on visual arts conversations, a platform to discuss issues and challenges such as funding and lack of resources affecting young visual artists.

The Visual arts conversations have become an integral part of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe’s monthly activities.

These ‘conversations’ are platforms for discussion that are facilitated by art professionals and open to the community.

It is a way of providing an interesting space in which the public is welcome to come, debate and learn about a variety of art related topics.

National Gallery of Zimbabwe Marketing and Operations Administrator, Tandazani Dhlakama said their focus is primarily on visual arts related issues as these discussions are aimed at exploring other forms of art.

“This month’s conversation will look at issues that affect young visual artists especially when it comes to applying for funding at the Culture Fund Trust of Zimbabwe.

“These platforms have also assisted young artists to explore opportunities of travelling to other countries for exhibitions,” Tandazani Dhlakama said.

The ‘conversations’ are held at least once a month in the National Gallery of Zimbabwe library.

Recently, those who have made presentations include curators and visiting artists from all over the world.

Topics range from exhibitions in Africa, craft versus fine art in the context of stone sculpture and the restoration process of paintings.