sculpture 08-09-10.jpgIn its various facets, art forms the foundation of the creative imagery that depicts mankind’s affection for natural beauty.

However, appreciation of those behind recreating life’s beauty is lacking.

It takes more than just inspiration to create life out of wood, stone, clay’ palm fronds and even concrete and steel, yet still after much effort in recreating nature’s beauty it pains when no-one appreciates the effort.

Renowned artist, Tapfumaneyi Gutsa, whose passion dates back to his youthful days in the 1970s, blames mental colonisation for having this sad effect.

In his latest artwork composed from weaved baskets from the talented people of Binga whose Tonga culture is centered on the mighty Zambezi River and the mystical Nyaminyami, Gutsa tries to revive the Nyami Nyami fable.

Other youthful artists who specialise in stone sculpture and jewellery say they create their art works through spiritual inspiration and from natural inheritance.

Artists open windows for people’s imaginations to go beyond set limits and they are responsible for creating monuments which live as reminders to future generations of the ingenuity and innovations of their ancestors.