The Jesuit School of Philosophy and Humanities,  Arrupe College is set to transform to an independent university as part of its growth strategy.

Following significant growth since its formation in 1994, the Jesuit School of Philosophy and Humanities, Arrupe which has been an associate college of the University of Zimbabwe will graduate to a fully fledged independent university.

Speaking at the 20th closing academic assembly, Arrupe College Rector, Father Gibson Munyoro said the institution has been instrumental in equipping academics with not only intellectual skills but conscience and compassion inspired by the Catholic faith.

Arrupe has been an associate college of the UZ since 1996 but is now in the process of graduating into an independent university which will offer programmes like business ethics, languages, philosophy and leadership among others.

“The college’s, Jesuit School of Humanities is unique in the sense that it follows ignation pedagogy or jesuit education approach which is inspired by our Catholic faith,” said Father Munyoro.

Guest of honour at the event, UZ Vice Chancellor, Professor Levi Nyagura hailed Arrupe College as one of the best of 45 associate colleges of the University of Zimbabwe.

Professor Nyagura said; “As Arrupe College is contemplating becoming a university, a move which we support, I urge you to consider the impact of science and technology of humanities. Now is the time to transform, you can easily offer programmes like software engineering which do not require large capital”.

Outgoing students represented by Evariste Nyabenda from Burundi said the education they had received opened their minds to new possibilities.

“We have lost naivety, stupidity, immaturity and narrow mindedness. We have tasted from the fruit of knowledge, I can assure you its sweet,” said Nyabenda.

Scores of finalists whose works are under consideration for undergraduate and master’s degree programmes in philosophy from UZ and baccalaureate degree in philosophy from Gregorian University and students who undertook short courses received certificates and awards of excellence.

The diverse Arrupe students were drawn from 20 nationalities in the just ended academic year.