An incredible story of  over-coming against all odds plays out  like a tale from an old movie story book.

A Norton girl born without arms and legs but possessing ability to do anything that an able bodied person does, is living almost like a fairytale manifestation.

Sometimes, one might find talent where in the least expected places.

The incredible story of Talent Muchegwa who was born with no arms and legs has left many in disbelief.

Abandoned by her father immediately after birth, her mother died when she was only eight, Talent has lived on to play the mbira instrument with a rare dexterity.

She can also go on social media like facebook and whatsapp, play the mbira instrument, iron clothes, eat on her own by simply using her toes.

In her passion for music, Talent has also written several songs.

The sound of the mbira instrument not in the fingers but at “the toes” of this positive girl are also a marvel to listen to.

Like any other girl of her age her dream is to get married one day.

Her aunt Ruth Muchegwa has always encouraged her to follow her dreams and her uncle Mutsawashe is equally happy about how Talent is talented.

Bravery, a fighting spirit and natural talent seem to have converged in this young girl’s life in a rare manner.

To many, this is story of how far one can go regardless of the condition born in.