areth william.jpgPopular musician Aretha Franklin also known as the “The Queen of Soul,” has announced plans to wed long-time friend William Wilkerson at 69.

Celebrities are just that unique clique that gets away with many strange acts. All time great musician Aretha Franklin has enhanced that notion by announcing an engagement to her long-time friend William Wilkerson, whom she is to marry this summer on a beach in Miami.

The 69-year-old Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter who has been married twice before is set to wed June or July and insists she is not pregnant. Aretha Franklin is not new to marriage. She’s had two previous marriages, one lasting 8 years in the ’60s and another lasting 6 years in the 70’s.

Aretha Franklin was the second African-American woman to appear on the cover of TIME magazine in 1968, and the first woman to be inducted into the ‘Rock and Roll’ Hall of Fame in 1987.