The Association for Rural District Councils of Zimbabwe (ARDCZ) has called on the Registrar-General’s Office to remove bottlenecks associated in the acquiring of birth certificates and national identification cards if they are to reach their target of 2.3 million new voters by 2018.

The ARDCZ has intensified its drive to deal with voter apathy in the country as they have taken their voter education campaign to Bulawayo with 60 executives from rural district councils being urged to take the voter awareness campaign to their respective constituencies.

Speaking to ZBC News on the sidelines of a workshop on up-scaling service level benchmark workshop held in Bulawayo, ARDCZ vice president Mr Patrick Chidhakwa appealed to the Registrar General’s Office to reach out to the country’s remote areas and facilitate the acquirement of national identification cards which are a prerequisite for one to become an eligible voter.

ARDCZ president, Dr Killer Zivhu said their target is quite achievable as he noted that a number of youths who are eligible voters tend to shun elections, hence the need to tap into this critical group.

According to a research and advocate unit which is a political think tank, youths make up 41 percent of the country’s eligible voters but only 14 percent of them are registered voters, hence the need to tap into this constituency if the country is to fight voter apathy.