ethanol plant.jpgThe Agricultural Rural Development Authority (ARDA) has called for Presidential intervention to save the Chisumbanje Ethanol plant saying failure by government to put proper legislation for the smooth trading of ethanol blend has adverse effects on the US$600 million project.

The call comes amid reports that some government officials are against the project.

Government and investors met in the capital this Wednesday to map the way forward on the 10 million litres of ethanol lying idle with a view of pushing for a legislative framework for mandatory blending.

However, nothing tangible came out of it.

Speaking to ZBC News in Harare, ARDA Board Chairman, Mr Basil Nyabadza said failure to put a legislative framework for the utilisation of the commodity by fuel dealers would render the project useless as it was built on borrowed money.

Mr Nyabadza said the project is set to ease pressure on the national fiscus as US$10 million would be saved by utilising ethanol blend monthly which plays an important role in the transformation of the country’s economy.

The US$600 million ethanol plant in Chisumbanje is a joint venture project between ARDA, Macdom and Rating Investments.

The plant was set up as a sanction busting project, a situation that has led some analysts to speculate that some parties in the inclusive government are out to sabotage it as they want sanctions to stay.