bazil nyabadza 08-11-10.jpgThe Agricultural Rural Development Authority (ARDA) is courting partners towards revitalising its ailing estates to ensure the country’s food security through extracting value from land.


With the country embarking on various agricultural projects in a bid to boost food security, ARDA has embarked on a drive to ensure that each estate becomes viable.

Speaking to ZBC News, ARDA Board Chairman, Mr Basil Nyabadza, said plans are already underway to revitalise all estates which have been hard hit by the non-availability of lines of credit and various partners have shown interest.

“We have adopted a mechanism to ensure that our estates becomes self-reliant by generating their capacity. We have plans for joint-ventures as well as public private partnership, with ARDA retaining the majority stake. A number of partners have been identified who are keen to extract value from the land,” said Mr Nyabadza.  

ARDA used to be the country’s nerve center by contributing 30% of the country’s total grain output, but over the years the organisation has been rendered irrelevant owing to the imposition of illegal sanctions by western nations.

Currently, Chisumbanje and Middle Sabi estates are doing well as far as sugar cane and cereal crops are concerned.

ARDA was set up to spearhead agriculture and rural development with increased support to small holder farmers to facilitate the production of sufficient high quality food for the nation and generate employment and income on a sustainable basis.