After almost 20 years of being redundant ARDA Muzarabani estate has been revitalised under private public partnership with productivity greatly boosted with a mixture of export crops and those consumed locally.

The estate measuring 550 hectares resembled a forest some two and half years ago before the marriage between ARDA and Drummond Group of Companies which transformed the estate to a forex generating entity last year through exporting pepper to Germany.

It currently employs 300 people from Muzarabani community.

Mr Ken Drummond says 350 hectares is now arable after he put $1.1 million from his personal savings, with the support of Agribank coming in handy to enhance effective productivity

ARDA Chairperson Mr Basil Nyabadza is extremely satisfied with the fruits being realised at the farm that had become a white elephant as it now economically sustains Muzarabani community more importantly in line with government’s devolution process.

Agribank CEO Mr Sam Malaba who toured the farm indicated that Vision 2030 is anchored on increasing agriculture productivity hence the bank has upscaled its funding to support agricultural activity.

The revitalisation of ARDA Muzarabani should set the tone on increasing agricultural productivity to retrace the bread basket status en route to vision 2030.