ARDA Jotsholo Estate has planted 250 hectares of the wheat crop and are optimistic an additional 50 hectares will be completed soon to meet their annual target of 300 hectares under the command wheat programme this year.

The wheat planting was implemented in phases, with the first one covering 200 hectares, then 50 hectares in the second phase while the remaining 50 hectares has been set aside for the third phase.

The current target, however, surpasses the previous one in which the estate abandoned 50 hectares due to burst pipes which increased production costs and ended up with 200 hectares.

ARDA Jotsholo project manager Mr Togarasei Muvengwa said most of the crop has been planted early and is optimistic they will harvest 8 tonnes per hectare which will be an increase from 7 or lower achieved last year.

“We will achieve our target we planted early we are on time and even the command input programme supplied the inputs on time so I think this year is a positive year for wheat production,” he said.

ARDA Jotsholo Estate has the largest production for the wheat crop in the province followed by Mary Ellen farm in Bubi district which has planted 196 hectares this year.