Heart patients from the southern region are appealing for government intervention towards the resuscitation of the only cardiac unit in the region at Mpilo Central Hospital which ceased operations 10 years ago.

Thousands of children are born every day with some delivered with cardiac conditions whilst some mothers experience post-natal cardiac complications. 

Several of those diagnosed with the cardiac condition from the southern region are thus exposed to trying times due to lack of medical facilities to address their problem.    

Brave Little Heart of Zimbabwe Coordinator Miss Tendai Moyo says her organisation has been overwhelmed by parents who are in need of assistance to transport their children for cardiac attention to Harare and beyond and appealed to authorities to consider resuscitating the unit at Mpilo.

“The situation this side is so bad, we have several children who are facing the heart problems. Some of these kids could have managed to get attention but the problem here is just too much. Right now we have a number of such kids who have lost their lives over a problem that could have been solved. A number are referred to Harare and eventually need constant checkups and yet they don’t have transport money,” said Miss Moyo.

Mpilo Central Hospital Clinical Director Dr Solwayo Ngwenya says apart from draining his institution’s coffers through sending patients to Harare for treatment, the lack of cardiac facilities in the southern region is also complicating treatment procedures at the hospital.

“The last time we got cardiac services at this institution was some 10 years ago. The equipment is now in a sorry state and the specialist who was Ugandan has since retired and relocated to his home country. It will be appreciated if government recruits a specialist in the cardiac section for smooth medical operations,” Dr Ngwenya.

According to the latest W.H.O data published in 2017, coronary heart disease deaths in Zimbabwe reached 4 759 or 3.78 percent of total deaths amid calls for massive awareness campaigns for people to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly to fight the effects of the condition.