As the winter season is now upon us, the Department of Civil Protection in Manicaland is appealing to well wishers to donate detergents and petroleum jelly to ensure skin protection for Cyclone Idai survivors.

Speaking at a handover ceremony of donations from the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Service (ZPCS), Manicaland Provincial Administrator, Mr Edgar Seenza revealed that the quantities of petroleum jelly and lotions in stock are inadequate.

“I am happy to advise that the non-food items you brought in the manner of petroleum jelly and lotions, those are the items we require in this current weather conditions and our people especially those whose huts were destroyed will find these items very appropriate,” added Dr Seenza.

“I also would want to appeal to other organisations to continue contributing towards survivors of Cyclone Idai, we are still in need of a number of items, I have just taken note that in the case of washing soap we require about 36 920 bars, washing powder, we require 14 746 kgs for the affected households, bathing soap 124 704 tablets, petroleum jelly 71 010 bottles and colgate 54 792 tubes, so there are quite a number of non food items that we still require,” he said.

The ZPCS donated a total of 11 bales of jackets, 2 bales of blankets, 3 bales of shoes, petroleum jelly and 200kgs of mealie meal.

The donations were handed over by the ZPCS Chaplain General Assistant Commissioner Robson Madzivanyika.