Apostolic sects have resisted moves to register them under the Medical Practitioners Act, arguing that their practices are different from those of traditional healers.

Speaking at a bishop’s ordination ceremony in Epworth, Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) President, Archbishop Johannes Ndanga argued that the Act does not have jurisdiction over faith healers.    

“The Traditional Medical Practitioners Act chapter 27.14 is silent about Apostolic sects, is silent about healing because faith emanates from within, it is not traditional knowledge where people know that a particular medicine is for a particular desease. So the authorities must consult and not dictate things on us. Some of the people being registered are the Tsikamutandas, whose cases are at the courts,” he said.

The ceremony saw Honest Mupepe of the Kuera Apostolic Church being ordained as bishop.   

“We are proud of such an event, which is testimony that we preach the real gospel of God,” said Bishop Mupepe.

Promulgated in 1981 and amended in 2000, the Medical Practitioners Act is the one of the measures to eliminate bogus practitioners.