There was a drama and stampede at Cowdary Park suburb in Bulawayo when residents jostled to be prophesied by an apostolic sect leader Madzibaba Prophet Emmanuel Mutumwa.

Members of the apostolic sect usually conduct worship in an open space under the trees but on Sunday, business was brought into halt at a Cowdary Park terminus when Madzibaba Prophet Mutumwa of Johanne Masowe WeChishanu started casting out demons and spells from members of the society.

Just like the biblical Jesus who was visiting and healing the people, Madzibaba Prophet Mutumwa embarked on a nationwide campaign against ending early child marriages within the apostolic sect and in the process healing and casting out demons from teenage commercial sex workers.

Speaking to ZBC News at Cowdray Park suburb where a number of people were prophesied concerning their future fortunes, the apostolic leader urged his fellow counterparts to desist from pledging and forcing girls into early marriages.

The development comes at a time when one of the many challenges facing the girl child is forced early marriage, which is a violation of girls rights and a major barrier to a girl’s education.