Alliance of the People’s Agenda (APA) presidential candidate Dr Nkosana Moyo has taken his election campaign trail to Matabeleland South Province telling the electorate that he has the right credentials to turn around the country’s economy.

APA launched its election manifesto in Gwanda today, with its leader Dr Moyo promising to address economic challenges facing the country through tackling the scourge of corruption and nepotism.

“We want to arrest corruption and nepotism because we believe that is the major reason why our companies have folded today,” he said.

Dr Moyo also said he has an impressive curriculum vitae which makes him the right man for the top job.

“We have said if you want this window to be fixed, you engage the services of one with the expertise to fix it. I have run banks, I was in several boards in Zimbabwe, England, Nigeria, and Rwanda but if you do a background check of these other presidential candidates, none has ever worked in a bank,” he said.

The electorate however seemed not too convinced saying the promises being made by the party were merely to win votes.

Once elected into office, the party said its cabinet will have 17 ministers without deputies.

The people who assume ministerial positions would have applied and chosen on merit.

The political party has only managed to field one candidate Kudakwashe Zulu in Matobo North out of the 13 National Assembly constituency seats in the province.