anti sanctions pet.jpgThe signing of the National Anti-Sanctions Petition which targets millions of signatures from across the country has rolled out in all provinces to give a chance to every Zimbabwean to denounce the illegal sanctions the have crippled all sectors of the economy.

After the first national launch by the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe on March 2, Zimbabweans who were not able to grace the occasion in Harare have finally got their chance to send a message to Britain and its allies that the so-called ‘targeted sanctions’ are infact affecting the ordinary citizens.

In Harare Metropolitan Province, the official launch of the programme was led by Zanu-PF National Secretary for Education in the Politburo, Dr Sikhanyiso Ndlovu, who stressed that the ani-sanctions campaign is not a party initiative.

“The illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe have had a national bearing, so the launch is not a Zanu-PF initiative as they have caused untold suffering to all Zimbabweans across the political divide,” Dr Ndlovu said.

Zanu-PF Harare Province Chairman, Ambassador Amos Midzi paid tribute to the thousands of people who turned up to append their signatures, saying the demonstration of oneness at the occasion will go a long way in sending the message to those who imposed illegal sanctions on the country.

In Bulawayo, thousands of people gathered at Stanley Square in Makokoba to append their signatures on the petition paper.

Addressing the meeting, Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa commended Zimbabweans for their resilience during hardships brought about by the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by Britain and its allies.

“Progressive Zimbabweans should append their signatures on the National Anti Sanctions Petition document to demonstrate to the world that sanctions are affecting the ordinary people and are not targeted at President Robert Mugabe and other Zanu-PF leaders as claimed by the country’s detractors,” Cde Mnangagwa said.

Manicaland Province also witnessed thousands gathering at Meikles Park in Mutare after a march in the city centre by youths and churches.

The people who participated in the anti-sanctions petition campaign said that the spirit of freedom fighters in pre-colonial Zimbabwe was once again invoked as people thronged the venue to append their signatures to the petition document.

The spirit was the same in Mashonaland East and Central Provinces.

Governor and Resident Minister of Harare Metropolitan Province, Cde David Karimanzira, who led the proceedings in Mashonaland East Province applauded all the people including chiefs and war veterans for braving the sunny weather to come and witness the historic occasion.

Higher and Tertiary Education Minister and Politburo member, Dr Stan Mudenge, who officiated in Mashonaland Central Province, said Zimbabwe have reached a point of no return to neo-colonialism and described the western imposed illegal sanctions as evil and an abuse of human rights.

“As people in this province sign the petition, they must always remember the sacrifice by gallant fighters still lying at Chibondo, Nyadzonya, Tembwe and all mass graves scattered in and outside the country,” he said.

Dr Mudenge said the revolutionary Zanu-PF party is advocating for total control of the country’s natural resources by the indigenous majority with a clear conscience because it is their birthright.