The Zimbabwe Annual National Sports Awards (ANSA) nominees unveiled in Harare on Monday stirred a lot of debate surrounding some omissions.

The biggest omission was probably that of motorsport hotshot, Axcil Jefferies after it emerged that his name was not submitted by the Zimbabwe Motorsport Federation (ZMSF), the mother body of motorsport in Zimbabwe.

Jefferies’ father and manager, Suhail, took his rage to the motorsport social media whatsapp group upon finding out that his son’s name had not been submitted by the Zimbabwe Motorsports Federation as a nominee despite his many achievements.

Suhail said to date, his son has never been awarded with Zimbabwe national colours despite several inquiries to the ZMSF and is now contemplating giving up racing under the ZMSF and taking up a foreign race licence.

Suhail Jefferies noted that despite the fantastic race records, achievements by his son over the past 17 years and lack of acknowledgment by ZMSF, he is contemplating pushing his son’s recognition agenda himself.

He challenged journalists to get a list of all the people awarded Zimbabwe colours by the ZMSF  over the years which could make interesting reading, adding that he would be issuing a media statement in due course.

A response by Rose Rushforth noted that Axcil had not received his national colours because he had not paid the sable membership fees, which were more important.

It remains to be seen how the impasse will be resolved before Zimbabwe loses out on yet another sporting talent to other nationalities.