Life has never been rosy for the Karombe family in Buhera Central constituency.

At a time the family is still grappling to accept the fate of their first born child, Believe, who has a hearing impairment, they are still yet to come to terms with the arrival of their third born son, Kupakwashe who was born with a wound on his back and deformed legs.

The Karombe family, which lives in Chiro village under Chief Nyashanu, has since sold all its possessions in an attempt to assist the child with medical services from specialists.

Kupakwashe has undergone his first operation at Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare but the family has since failed to raise the US$800 required for the second operation and are now pinning their hopes on ordinary Zimbabweans to come to their son’s assistance.

Narrating the circumstances, Mr Malvern Karombe said life has become unbearable watching day and night helplessly as the child endures excruciating pain due to the condition known as lumbosacral mass.

As if this is not enough, Mrs Karombe is also battling with cancer on her leg, but it is the state of Kupakwashe which has left her with sleepless nights.

Kupakwashe is supposed to have undergone second operation in March but the family has failed to raise the required amount.

For those with any form of assistance they can get in touch with Mr Malvern Karombe on 0718 63 26 12.

Only a helping hand can serve Kupakwashe and restore his normal childhood experience.