mexico mass grave.jpgSoldiers in Mexico have uncovered a mass grave with at least 38 bodies in the northern state of Nuevo Leon.

Security forces said an anonymous tip-off led them to the site almost the size of a football pitch.

Investigators say the bodies were found scattered in an area just outside of Monterrey in Nuevo León state.


More equipment is being brought in to search the grounds for more remains.


Reports suggest that authorities will have to use forensic testing to identify the bodies, most of which were males.

Officials suspect the site where the bodies were found may have been used by drug cartels in the country’s long-running drug war.

In the past weeks, two more such graves have been discovered in Nuevo Leon, which is at the centre of a violent battle between rival drug gangs.

Reports say the bodies were too badly decomposed for immediate identification.

Crime scene investigators are using diggers to search for more bodies, and Nuevo Leon state Attorney General, Alejandro Garza Y Garza, said security forces will inspect three more pits for bodies.

At least 23,000 people have been killed in drug-related violence since Mexican President, Felipe Calderon began cracking down on drug cartels by deploying thousands of troops across the country in 2006.