nolbert-kunonga.jpgThe Archbishop of the Anglican Diocese of Harare, Nolbert  Kunonga says now that the court case is over, parishioners who have left the church are welcome back, as long as they reject the doctrine of homosexuality.



The feud in the Anglican Church of Zimbabwe finally came to an end on Monday the 3rd of May with the court ruling that Nolbert Kunonga and his board are legitimate and must take full control of the church’s assets and properties.

Addressing a media briefing and some members of the clergy at the Anglican Cathedral in the capital Archbishop Nolbert Kunonga said a lot of things were said regarding the Anglican Church wrangle and some people wanted to drag the issue of politics in the feud yet the main bone of contention was the issue of homosexuality.


Archbishop Kunonga vowed that he will continue to reject the doctrine of homosexuality saying the practice is an abomination before God. The archbishop invited all parishioners who had left the church to come and worship.

The Supreme Court Judge Deputy Chief Justice Luke Malaba threw out an appeal by the Anglican Church of the Province of Central Africa which was challenging a 2009 high court ruling which had declared former Harare Bishop Nolbert Kunonga legitimate.

The wrangle in the Anglican Church took a twist in 2007, when Bishop Nolbert Kunonga withdrew from the parent organisation, the Church of the Province of Central Africa (CPCA).

It is only hoped that now that the court has made a ruling Christians affiliated to the Anglican Church will find an amicable way to solve the divisions that were threatening the existence of the Anglican Church in Zimbabwe, and the work of God will be conducted peacefully once again.