Angel of Hope Foundation has brought new hope to score of patients who underwent successful free eye and dental surgery.

Seventy-eight year old Rebecca Gatsi of Chesa is a happy woman as sight has been restored to her left eye after 4 years.

It was all smiles for the grandmother of 15 and other patients as the bandages came off after a successful one day clinic held on Friday.

“I couldn’t see for four years. It’s as if I can fly, I am so happy…I came here and was told the doctor is out of the country. I was considering going to Masvingo but came here and it has worked well for me,” she said.

Karanda Mission Hospital Clinical Instructor Maxwell Makan’a said cataracts are caused by diseases such as diabetes, drugs like CPZ used by psychiatric patients, but most are due to aging.

“Most are caused by ageing which is why you hear people saying this person is old they can’t see any more, so we have to go out to the community and educate people on cataracts,” Makan’a said.

Angel of Hope made the eye clinic possible by providing logistics and medical supplies while Karanda Mission provided accommodation and food for free.

All the Doctors and nurses donated their services for free, proving Zimbabweans can be donors in underprivileged communities.