cchris mutsvangwa 18.08.10.jpgPolitical analysts have welcomed the move by SADC Heads of State and Government to suspend the operations of the SADC Tribunal, saying the organ has been championing the interests of western nations at the expense of regional countries.


The suspension of the operations of the SADC Tribunal during the 30th SADC Summit in Namibia pending its review has been described by local political analysts as a long overdue decision which was bound to create divisions in the region as the tribunal championed western interests.


Political analyst, Cde Chris Mutsvangwa said the decision was positive in defending the region’s integrity, adding that time has come for Africans to decide on their destiny for economic prosperity.

“It was set up primarily for the purpose of trying to serve the interests of the people of this region, but along the way certain outside forces then subverted the institution so that they could push the agenda of those who have a post-imperial design on Africa, especially Southern Africa,” Cde Mutsvangwa said.

rutendo rutendo3 18.08.10.jpgMr. Rutendo Rutendo said the suspension reflects that the organ was not properly constituted since it was directing its energies towards championing interests of minority groups at the expense of several citizens who sacrificed their lives to gain political independence.

“That SADC would assent to its suspension shows that it was not properly constituted.

“Of note are some of the decisions taken by this tribunal especially to Zimbabwe in favour of a minority in their quest to reverse the irreversible land reform programme,” said Mr Rutendo.

Mr. Jonathan Kadzura argued that the SADC Tribunal has been operating like a non-governmental organisation spreading the regime change agenda in Southern African states and Heads of State should have destroyed the organization completely.

jonathan kadzura2 18.08.10.jpg“That tribunal in my view is as good as an NGO that has been set up as a means to effect regime change in Zimbabwe,” Mr Kadzura said.

The two-day summit of SADC leaders resolved that it will review the role, functions and terms of reference of the SADC Tribunal which will be concluded within six months.

This means that the tribunal will not be dealing with any case as it is currently null and void.

The tribunal had ruled in favour of white commercial farmers who were against Zimbabwe’s land reform program.