obama vs ahmedinejad.pngAnalysts say the current standoff between Iran and the West is a determination to suppress a rising global superpower whose economic and political influence in the Middle East region continues to grow.

The standoff emanates from Iran’s uranium enrichment programme which the Middle East nation insists is meant for domestic power generation while Western nations believe the initiative is geared towards making nuclear weapons.

Political analyst and academic, Mr Alexander Kanengoni says the United States of America is fearful of Iran’s growing influence in the region which directly conflicts with its foreign policy favouring Israel and other fallen regimes that were US backed.

International relations expert, Mr Wellington Gadzikwa says American fears of Iran’s rising political and economic influence are founded on the desire to see a continued weakened Middle East so the plundering of oil and other resources may continue.

The situation in the Middle East has deteriorated with Iranian warships entering the Mediterranean Sea a few days ago for only the second time since the 1979 revolution.

Observers say if the situation is not contained, it might graduate to a full scale war which the US might directly engage in or use its proxy Israel.