sanctions iran.jpgPolitical analysts say the recent move by the West to extend sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic of Iran is part of a grand master plan designed to effect regime change in targeted nations within the Middle East region.

The West has extended sanctions imposed on Iran citing the country’s nuclear programme as the reason to do so.

The move has attracted widespread criticism, with political analysts saying the desire by the West to maintain supremacy and dictate to smaller nations is unacceptable in the shifting global geopolitics.

Political analyst, Mr. Alexander Kanengoni says targeting Iran for sanctions is part of a grand master plan by the West to continue with its regime change drive in the Middle East.

Another political analyst, Mr. Wellington Gadzikwa says the move by the West is pure hypocrisy considering the fact that the nations seeking to prevent Iran from launching a civilian nuclear programme for its power generation are nuclear powers themselves.

Britain, Canada and the United States announced new sanctions on Iran’s financial system last week.

The embargo is meant to retaliate for Iran’s continued efforts to develop nuclear power which the Middle East nation seeks to harness for civilian power generation.