Analysts have predicted a positive outlook for Zimbabwe’s economic fortunes taking into cognisance a cocktail of policy initiatives that have been instituted especially the last quarter of 2018.

Traditionally Zimbabwe’s myriad of challenges emanates from the twin evils as defined by Finance and Economic Development Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube that is the budget deficit and trade deficit.

However, according to economic analysts that narrative is certainly going to change following a cocktail of reforms instituted by government.

According to Mr Takudzwa Chisango the all encompassing two percent transaction tax will permanently eradicate budget deficit in the short to medium term if evidence record in October, November and December are anything to measure by.

Another economist Mr Titus Mukove said the 2019 financial year will be the turning point of Zimbabwe’s economic challenges basing on proposals made in the austerity for prosperity national budget ably supported by the transitional stabilisation programme where the minister is trying to minimise unnecessary imports and at the same time stimulate real exports to generate the much needed foreign exchange.

If such economic projections are to be realised in 2019 it means the macroeconomic imbalances will have been corrected setting the stage for more pronounced sustainable policy interventions like resolving of the currency issues.