The appointment of a 26 member Presidential Advisory Council (PAC) by His Excellency President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been hailed as an extra ordinary milestone that will boost the attainment of vision 2030 of a middle income status.

The main role of PAC is to provide extra input for policy formulation, on a voluntary basis, to the President as and when is required and necessary to help Zimbabwe achieve its vision of a middle income status by 2030.

It is basically underpinned on the “Zimbabwe is open for business and dialogue mantra” and according to Mr Vince Musewe an economic analyst, it is a true demonstration of President Mnangagwa’s willingness to listen as well as showing he is not a monopoly of ideas.

“We have not seen this happening in the past administrations where one was thinking that they know everything and this is the reason why we find ourselves in this very bad economic situation. The President is saying here I might know but I do not know everything so let us join hands to transform the economy,” he said.

This is the first time in Zimbabwe’s history that this type of council has been appointed.

It borrows from other leading economies such as South Africa and the United States where the president, apart from his cabinet, brings experienced and accomplished persons from various social, economic and political backgrounds on board to shape the national agenda.

Mr Musewe added that the biggest winners are government and the people of Zimbabwe since the councillors will not be added on the government’s payroll.

“These professionals will be given what is called an honorarium meaning that there is no obligation on part of government to pay them because they are volunteers. They are offering their services to the people for the love of the country and to transform the economy,” he added.

The council is a pool of experience, expertise and wisdom drawn from sectors such as energy, ICT, financial services, academia, agriculture and health.

Though there is little representation of women on the council there is no doubt that this move is a serious undertaking by the President and government to achieve the goals enshrined in the Transitional Stabilisation Plan (TSP) of improving people’s standards of living.