Local analysts have described President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s presentation at the Davos meeting as a great opportunity for Zimbabwe to tell its own story and dispel perceived negatives that potential investors might have had about the country.

In separate interviews in Harare some analysts said Davos 2018 marks the beginning of Zimbabwe’s resurrection and the beginning of better things to come.

Harare Polytechnic academic Alexander Rusero said President Mnangagwa’s clarity in articulating Zimbabwe’s readiness to welcome external investment showed his leadership skills and the importance of Zimbabwe’s economic turnaround.

He said the President’s presence and statement gave reassurance to doubting Thomas’s regarding the investment climate.

Zimbabwe’s former ambassador to the United Nations in New York Cde Bornface Chidyausiku said President Mnangagwa’s mere presence at Davos provided a good networking platform which he seized by offering an open, honest and insightful debate that showed Zimbabwe is ready to do business.

Political commentator Dr Maxwell Hove said President Mnangagwa clearly demonstrated Zimbabwe’s focus and his responses showed his commitment to see through to the implementation of his promises.

During the interview, President Mnangagwa reaffirmed his commitment to adopt economic reforms that benefit Zimbabwe, delivering free, fair and credible elections, fight corruption and re-engagement with the international Community.