chris mutsvangwa 06-03-11.jpgAnalysts have described the recently launched National Anti-Sanctions Petition Campaign as a success, describing the boycott by the MDC parties as a shameful act but consistent with the nature of the opposition formation.

Following the successful launch of the campaign by the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe, last Wednesday, analysts say the people’s voice was heard and will continue to be heard internationally.

The campaign launch was attended by over 1,4 million people.


However, the MDC formations did not attend the ceremony, an act which Member of the House of Assembly for Tsholotsho North Constituency, Professor Jonathan Moyo described as shameful.

Professor Moyo however said the boycott is consistent with the behaviour of the former opposition formation.

He hailed the turn out from all sections of society especially business as crucial on the campaign against the illegal sanctions.

jonathan_moyo 06-03-11ed.jpg
Ambassador Chris Mutsvangwa also commended the overwhelming turnout for the campaign launch.

“The large number of people who came for the National Anti-Sanctions Petition Campaign launch have sent a strong message to the west that Zimbabweans are defiant and will never let sanctions derail progress in their country,” Ambassador Mutsvangwa said.

He said the recent visit by the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Susan Page also shows that the US has realised that Zanu-PF is part of the solution to the country’s future.

The National Anti-Sanctions Petition Campaign is targeting the signatures of over 2 million people against sanctions to clearly to show the west that Zimbabweans do not condone sanctions.

The process is expected to be taken to all provinces and districts to give all people in the country a chance to participate.