jonathan_moyo 06-03-11ed.jpgThe pronouncement by the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe that elections be held this year, has received a strong support from political analysts in the country.

Political analysts say time has now come for all progressive Zimbabweans and fellow colleagues in SADC to accept that the only person who has a constitutional right to speak authoritatively or can give a proclamation of when to hold elections in the country is none other than the Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces President Robert Mugabe.

Political Scientist, Professor Jonathan Moyo said people should be reminded that the call to hold election this year is not a unilateral declaration by Cde Mugabe or Zanu PF, but an agreed position signed by all three political parties as stipulated under section 6 of the Global Political Agreement.

“This inclusive government is now living on borrowed time, its term has since expired long back in February. What Mr Morgan Tsvangirai and his party and even now MDC’s Welshman Ncube are saying is surprising, they must be strongly reminded that when President Mugabe is calling for election to be held this year, he is not taking it from the air, but from the GPA, which they are signatory to,” said Professor Moyo.

He added that the nation cannot continue to be held at ransom by the so called roadmap, which does not even have a timeframe.

Another political analyst, Mr George Rwodzi said under the peaceful environment prevailing in the country two years after the formation of the inclusive government,  it boggles the mind that the MDC formations tend to forget so quickly that the GPA, which has by far out lived its timeframe, was established as transitional apparatus that should finally culminate in elections.

“In Zimbabwe, we are now enjoying peace and stability, I see no reason why the MDC wants to continue breaching the GPA, which gave the mandate to form an inclusive government with Zanu PF. Now that the term of the GPA is over, why should the nation stop from going for elections? President Mugabe is right, elections are the only way to go in order to end this political quagmire prevailing in the country,” said Mr Rwodzi.

Cde Mugabe reiterated on Wednesday this week in the Southern Times newspaper that the process leading to the holding of fresh polls this year should not be delayed any further than necessary.