mighty-warriors_07-07-11.jpgSports consultant Sheppard Chiware says the recent success by the Zimbabwe Mighty Warriors is a turning point that calls for football leaders to craft a strategic plan to preserve the winning team for future tournaments.

Chiware believes the COSAFA victory turned the Mighty Warriors into real professionals.

He said the fame and the subsequent hefty remuneration come with their fair share of challenges and now is the time for football leaders to seat down with the girls for some serious professional counseling.

To preserve the squad, Chiware said there is need for a short and long term strategic plan incorporating personalised training programmes, adding that external exchange programmes should be mapped up to keep the players busy and focused.

Coming from a background where the Zimbabwean society is patriarchal with the girl child normally not getting equal resources, Chiware feels the administrators need to engage the families of the players to upraise them of the opportunities that stand ahead of the team.

A former Mighty Warrior, Annie Konje feels more emphasis should be targeted on the families who often make or break the players. 

While marriage is good, when it comes to women’s football the institution normally spells bad news for the game as once married, players hang up their boots.

However, the local game has to take a cue from such powerhouses like Germany, Brazil and USA, who have successfully managed to preserve their national sides for almost two decades.