us-flag.jpgEnclosed in the US current Defence Authorisation Bill is a provision that legalizes soldiers to have sex with animals.

While the US Senate’s decision has left millions across the world in shock, all focus is on that country’s moral fibre which observers say has decayed beyond all imagination.

On Thursday the 8th of December, authorisation bill legalising sodomy with humans and sex with animals-which is known as bestiality. The US Senate voted 93-7 to approve the bill that includes a provision which repeals the military ban on sex with animals.


On November 15 the Senate Armed Services Committee had unanimously approved S. 1867, the National Defence Authorisation Act which includes a provision to repeal article 125 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice which made it illegal to engage in sodomy and homosexuality.

Within Zimbabwe and beyond, millions have been left in a state of shock after the United States Senate’s approval of a defence authorisation bill legalising sex with animals.

The country’s Uniform Code of Military Justice legalizes bestiality and reports show that the White House has attempted to downplay the decision citing human rights as the reason.

Culture and Religion Analyst, Ms Kudzai Biri described the US Senate’s decision as an abomination in any religion in the world.

Guardians of different religions and values across the globe have spoken strongly against the American Senate’s decision. Local Church minister, Apostle Florence Kanyati says it is not only the abomination to the Christian community but also culturally.

To what extent can a society go in angering God the Almighty with scripture proclaiming that whoever has sex with an animal should be put to death together with that animal?

Social scientist, Professor Claude Mararike says this should serve as a lesson that the American society with its other Western  counterparts are the worst benchmark of moral and spiritual integrity and warned Zimbabwe and other African nations to stand guard against any pollution.

Many say it can never get any worse off than it is now for the American nation. Disgusting that maybe, to multitudes observing that country from a distance, the Americans have crossed the red line and might certainly have booked their one way trip to hell through the abominable bestiality bill.

But what is worrying is the American culture of trying to force the whole world to conform to their standards. In short the gloomy news is, if the US will descend to hell, they will ensure drag the whole world along.