ms lucia matibenga.jpgPolitical analysts have rapped Public Service Minister Lucia Matibenga for demonstrating arrogance in dealing with the issue of the welfare of civil servants saying she is on a mission to sabotage government operations for a sinister motive.

They say the trade unionist-cum-minister has clearly demonstrated the long-held suspicion that the MDC T is on a mission to destabilise government operations from within as part of a broader regime change programme.

Professor Jonathan Moyo says the arrogance demonstrated by Ms Matibenga in closing down all communication lines with civil servants is clear that she wants to incite them to turn against the government.

Media and social commentator, Ceaser Zvayi, is of the opinion that Ms Matibenga who organised mass stay-aways during her tenure as an active member of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions has come face to face with the harsh reality of the adverse effects of sanctions.

He added that the sanctions that her party called for are negatively affecting government’s ability to pay reasonable salaries as the economy was crippled by the illegal embargo.

Other analysts say it has become evident that the five day strike by civil servants is not against government but a demonstration of the lack of confidence in Ms Matibenga who is snubbing not only government employees but the media as well.

All the efforts being made by the Inter-Ministerial Committee to address the welfare of civil servants will not be known by civil servants as Ms Matibenga has remained adamant that she will not speak to anyone.