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Political analysts have acknowledged the position taken by the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe, to call for elections this year if the Global Political Agreement (GPA) fails to come up with a common position on the new constitution saying elections are the only way to deal with the chaos and bickering prevailing in parliament and the inclusive government as a whole.

President Mugabe set the ball rolling on the need for the country to hold general elections this year when he reiterated that with or without a new constitution he has the constitutional mandate to call for elections at any given time.

He said: “Mind you, I have the constitutional right to call for elections if the GPA position regarding the holding of elections does not come up with a consensus. If the people reject the referendum we will have Parliament dissolved and call for elections. Even if others drag their feet, we will go ahead and call for elections.”


Commenting on President Mugabe’s pronouncement, political analyst, Professor Jonathan Moyo, reminded the nation that since the coming in of the inclusive government in February 2009, the MDC-T has been on the forefront in demonising the GPA as being a transitional structure which would not last for more than 24 months.

prof moyo 21.09.10.jpgProfessor Moyo also reminded the MDC-T that the constitution, as the supreme law of the country, supersedes the GPA and that there is nothing within the GPA which extends the life of the inclusive government, adding that it is high time that the President stamps his authority on Parliament which is highly dysfunctional as evidenced by the chaos taking place since the formation of the inclusive government.

“It is quite clear that the Zimbabwe electorate chose President Robert Gabriel Mugabe in June 2008, it is also quite clear who was created by the GPA, the Prime Minister Morgan Richard Tsvangirai himself is creation of GPA, why should a creature with such people be extended any day longer?’’ asked Professor Moyo.

Another political analyst, Gabriel Chaibva, noted that it is surprising that MDC-T with all its lawyers fails to understand simple legal issues such as the non-availability of a provision within the constitution where a presidential election can be held separately from parliamentary elections.

He said even if people reject the referendum for a new constitution the President can still dissolve parliament and call for elections under the Lancaster House Constitution.

“The GPA is not working as exemplified by squabbles taking place, we must hold elections this year there is no doubt about that, its surprising that MDC-T with all the lawyers within its ranks, Tendai Biti, Advocate Matinenga, Innocent Chagonda, Innocent Gonese and Douglas Mwonzora amongst others fail to understand the provisions of the GPA which they crafted,” Chaibva said.

The political analysts lamented the failure by the MDC-T to appreciate that Zimbabwe is a sovereign state which cannot be run on the basis of a so called roadmap.

They say the backtracking by MDC-T shows that the western-sponsored party has run out steam and cannot withstand the inevitable general elections which the revolutionary ZANU PF party is poised to win.