The UK Ambassadors Cup Polo tournament will this year be held at the Bushman Rock Polo Club on the 30th and 1st of next month with the best players in Zimbabwe mixing with international specialists.

With support from the British Business Association (BBA) in Zimbabwe, the 2017 event promises to be bigger and vibrant.

The involvement of the title sponsor, has also added a fresh and exciting direction to the event.

As Bushman Rock Polo Club is a centre for polo development in Zimbabwe, the game will not be limited to the a division played at the F and C Ambassadors cup but matches will be ongoing throughout the day with development and B division polo prior to the tourney.

Four teams will compete for the prestigious ambassadors cup over two days of knockout polo.
Teams consist of a blend of current and past national team members, high profile players and two visiting international Argentinean players.

Over the weekend the lower handicapped development players shall compete for the Manokore Attorneys Polo Development trophy.

Manokore Attorneys have a long standing relationship with Bushman Rock Polo Club who have been working to develop and grow the sport of kings.

With the some exciting new players coming through the ranks the B division is sure to provide some thrilling polo, with game starting at 11am daily with the finals being on Saturday at 1300 hours.