South Africa Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Mphakama Mbete says the 54th anniversary celebration of the creation of the OAU which is now the African Union symbolises the long successful road that Africa has travelled towards the realisation of the dreams of unity and prosperity of the people of Africa.

In an interview to mark Africa Day, Ambassador Mbete said Africa should continue moving ahead on the prosperity path using its young population to realise the roadmap of agenda 2063 which was crafted by the leaders to guide the continent towards realising the prosperity envisaged by the founding fathers.

He said the continent has achieved the goal of uniting the continent except in some few instances where some have backtracked resulting in some few pockets of conflict and instability.

Ambassador Mbete noted that Africa needs to mobilise resources to succeed in quenching the conflicts and commended African efforts in resolving conflicts.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in conjunction with African Diplomats in Harare is hosting a cultural night in the capital to celebrate and commemorate 54 years of the establishment of the Organisation of African Unity which is now the African Union.