amabhiza dance.jpgIn Zimbabwe various dance groups have perfected the art of dance through improvisation. One such dance is amabhiza whose origin is mainly from Matabeleland South.


Recently the Zimbabwe college of Music Hwamanda dance Troupe was at the Denmark Dance Festival where they showcased amabhiza dances to thousands of audiences from around the world.


The dance’s uniqueness is in its sound of the drum which is mainly done during ceremonial dances such as rain making, good harvest and conquering in war. Originally, the dance used to be dominated by man but due to the dynamics of culture it has incorporated women as well.


It is said that the dance originated from Emphaneni because it is believed that Chief Ngwavi was brought to Emphaneni by the Venda people and later settled at Njelele.


In most of their dances, they use “itshova” or horse tail which also enhanced the name of the dance. 


This is all taught at the Zimbabwe College of Music which offers a wide range of music disciplines.


With various disciplines being practiced and learnt at the College, the objective of the college is to provide comprehensive training in all genres of music to students of all races and different social backgrounds.