Avondale residents have called for more resources to be allocated towards rehabilitation of infrastructure.

The sentiments come at time when the Harare City Council is conducting pre-budget consultations with residents in all zones of the city.   

Infrastructure development hogged the limelight at Avondale ward 7 pre-budget consultations which are part of a city wide process to solicit views from various stakeholders on how Harare City’s funds will be administered in 2018.

Residents raised concern over neglect of amenities like roads, street lights and community centres.

Avondale ward 7 councillor, Mr Beadle Gwasira said the turnout was commendable, noting that residents’ concerns stand to be better addressed through the participatory budgeting mode.

“It is very important for them to contribute and council will be telling them their challenges, and also presenting our previous budget,” he said.

At the end of the consultations, zonal teams set by council will consolidate their findings under one centre.

For 2017, the Harare City Council proposed a budget of $448 million which was later revised to $328.2 million.