Musicians with a humanitarian agenda will this Saturday gather in the capital city for the ‘Donate A Shoe’ campaign musical gala which seeks to sources footwear for disadvantaged members of society.

The gala will see more than 30 musical artists participating.

Driven by this heart-rending call for help from many less privileged children, Pastor Leornard Zhakata will lead an array of new crop of artists in a compassionate gesture to raise footwear for children mainly in the rural areas.

It’s a unique show where the entrance fee is a pair of shoes or more.

Organiser of the show Zvondai Marowa says the main objective is not to look for money but to raise enough shoes that can change the lives of many rural children, particularly now when the winter season is fast approaching.

The gala is running under the theme: ‘Mwana Wako Mwana Wangu’ and some of the musicians to perform include Wanai, Ammi, Forward Mazuruse, Linea Wutete, Talking Guitars, Sasha, Jamanda and many other upcoming artists.