czi ceo-mr clifford sileya 05-09-10.jpgA manufacturing sector survey is expected to be launched next month, as industrialists craft policies to restore business confidence.


The survey which seeks to come up data that can be used to find solutions to challenges affecting manufacturing companies is being carried out in line with government’s target of increasing production to 60% by year end.

Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries Chief Executive Officer, Mr Clifford Sileya said findings of the survey will be ready for release by the end of this month.

 “All is set for the 2010 manufacturing survey which will among other key factors consolidate gains that have been achieved since January this year and we hope this will be important in creating a positive climate for economic growth,” said Mr Sileya.

The manufacturing sector survey is considered an important element in assisting economic planners on measures to improve output as well as to mobilise fresh capital on the back of financial challenges affecting the economy.

The industry which is expected to register a growth of at least 5% by the end of this year is pinning hopes for recovery on the availability of adequate funds as well as increased regional and international exports.