All is now set for the legends show to be held this Saturday night in the capital.

Jonah Moyo and Mitchel Jambo who arrived in Zimbabwe yesterday afternoon promised fireworks during their legend lives show to be held at a city joint Saturday night.

Speaking during a media briefing held in the capital, show organiser Kireni Zulu said it will be an old school affair and urged Zimbabweans to come in their numbers.

Jambo of Marunga Express who is now based in South Africa said he has a point to prove to all local fans that he is not yet a spent force while his South African counter-part Moyo said he wants to show Zimbabweans that he is still the Jonah  Moyo they used to know.

Some of the artists who attended the media briefing and are set to perform this Saturday include Job Mashanda, Chibhodhoro, Innocent Bitu, Jonias Machinya, Pius Makokowe of Anopenga Anewaya fame among others.