Stakeholders in the country’s leading tourism exhibition A’Sambeni Africa Business Tourism Expo, which runs  concurrently with the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) say this year’s exhibition will be much bigger and better as efforts are being made to market the country’s tourism products to the world.

All is set for the country’s premier tourism expo A’Sambeni, which runs from the 25th to the 29th of this month at the ZITF Exhibition Centre in Bulawayo.

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) Bulawayo regional manager Mrs Novuyo Mathonsi says this year stakeholders have come on board with a number of surprising products to bring a fresh impetus to the expo.

Hospitality Association of Zimbabwe Bulawayo Chapter chairperson Mrs Faith Makamure says the expo and ZITF have brought brisk business to the city with most huge hotels having received 100 percent bookings as of now, while smaller lodges are yet to get confirmation of bookings.

The tourism exhibition provides an opportunity for players in the industry to meet face-to-face and do business with the leading players in specific market sectors.