zanu pf sanctions march.jpgAll roads have today, led to the open space behind the Harare International Conference Centre for the launch of the National Anti-sanctions’ Petition Campaign.

During the launch, Zimbabweans from all walks of life including civil servants and workers from various economic sectors who have been hard-hit by sanctions in the last decade, are appending their signatures to this document.

Participants to the National Anti-sanctions Campaign launch have gathered at the venue early in the morning before reporting to their employment places.

Proceedings of the day will be blessed by a prayer from United Family International Church leader, Reverend Emmanuel Makandiwa.

The petition paper comprises a section where one puts their signatures, followed by one’s full name and their identity registration number.

The petition will be launched by the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe.

Zimbabweans have grappled with economic and social challenges for the last decade as a result of these illegal sanctions, despite the west claiming that they are targeted.

Various industries have failed to expand while some have closed, resulting in the unemployment rate reaching new heights.

The Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act (ZIDERA), which officially slapped the country with economic sanctions, was signed into law by the then US President, George W. Bush on 21 December 2001.

In February 2002, the EU followed suit and also imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe.

The lifting of the embargo have come from all corners of the world that support Zimbabwe’s just cause for the economic empowerment of the majority but the EU continues to renew them every year.


Meanwhile, Zanu-PF Harare province has urged the country’s citizens to show solidarity and attend the official launch of the National Anti-Sanctions Petition campaign.

Zanu-PF Harare Province Chairman, Ambassador Amos Midzi called on all patriotic Zimbabweans to join government in making a statement against the unjustified sanctions which have crippled the key sectors of the country’s economy.

Meanwhile, ZBC News is reliably informed that some individuals masquerading as Zanu-PF members have been going around the suburbs misleading residents that schools and businesses must be closed to pave way for the launch of the petition.

Cde Midzi distanced the party from the statements and stressed that while expectations are high for a resounding response, the campaign is voluntary.

The United States of America imposed illegal sanctions on the country when they defended their kith and kin, Britain, who was engaged in a bilateral dispute with Zimbabwe over the land reform programme.

The land reform was aimed at redressing the colonial imbalance by giving back land to formerly marginalised indigenous people.